Inside Admission – Episode 11 – Ken Anselment – Inside the Admission Committee

Andrew Palumbo, host of the Inside Admission Podcast, sits down with Ken Anselment, the Vice President for Enrollment at Lawrence University and host of The Admissions Leadership Podcast (“The ALP”).

Ken is the second admissions leader to sit down for a special series called “Inside the Admission Committee”. Ken and Andy discuss what really happens once student submit an application and how decisions are made. No questions are off-limits in this series.

Once you’re done watching, be sure to check out Ken’s popular podcast, The ALP, where he sits down to learn about admissions professionals’ careers and their path to leadership.


Inside Admission – Episode 10 – Jay Jacobs – Inside the Admission Committee

Host Andrew Palumbo speaks with Jay Jacobs, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at the University of Vermont on this episode of the Inside Admission Podcast. Jay discusses his own path to St. Lawrence University, and kicks off a new series on the podcast featuring admission leaders giving our audience a behind the scenes look at how application decision are made.

We discuss what UVM looks for in an applicant, how applications are read, and get a seat in the admission committee to understand just how this secretive process works. Jay also shares his thoughts on whether or not admission is a “meritocracy”.

This is the first episode in a series of conversations with leaders in different types of universities to better understand the commonalities and differences in how admission offices actually make their decisions.

Inside Admission – Episode 9 – Special Edition on the Digital SAT

The first-ever “Special Edition” of the Inside Admission Podcast is focused on standardized testing the the College Board’s January 2022 announcement of the Digital SAT. The night of this announcement in late January, Andrew Palumbo reached out to admissions and testing experts who he thought would best be able to share early insights from their perspectives as a high school counselor, an admissions dean, and a former test-prep professional.

The result was an excellent discussion recorded during National School Counselor Week that covers the guests’ own standardized testing experience as students, the testing landscape, a discussion on test-optional admission policies, and what to expect from the new Digital SAT. Featured Guests: Alicia Oglesby – School Counselor at Lower Moreland HS Akil Bello – Senior Director of Advocacy & Advancement at Fair Test; former test prep professional Leigh Weisenburger – Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admission & Financial Aid at Bates College


Inside Admission – Episode 8 – Angel Pérez – Financial Aid & Transitioning to College

Andrew Palumbo speaks with Angel Pérez, a former admissions professional and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, in this episode of the Inside Admission podcast. Angel discusses his own path to Skidmore College, transitioning to college, and financial aid and financing college.

Inside Admission – Episode 7 – Ned Johnson – Parents’ Role in College Admission

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down for a conversation with standardized testing prep expert Ned Johnson, a self-described “Tutor-Geek” and President of PrepMatters. In this episode of the Inside Admission podcast, Ned and Andrew focus on what role parents should play in the college admission process. Frustrated by conversations with your child about college that don’t go as planned? Can’t get your high schooler to talk about their applications? This episode is full of strategies and knowledge that are essential for parents supporting a child with their college admission process.

Inside Admission – Episode 6 – Jenny Rickard – Mythbusting College Admission

Andrew Palumbo sits down for a conversation with Common App’s President & CEO, Jenny Rickard, to discuss – and bust – some common college admission myths. In this episode of the Inside Admission podcast, Jenny & Andrew tackle myths about grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and asking for teacher recommendations.

Inside Admission – Episode 5 – Darryl Tiggle – Searching for a College, Touring Colleges & More

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Darryl Tiggle, Director of College Counseling at the Friends School of Baltimore, about his college admissions search, searching for a college, touring colleges, the high school visit & more.

Inside Admission – Episode 4 – Ron Lieber – Finding a College, Standardized Tests, & Financial Aid

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Ron Lieber, the New York Times “Your Money” columnist and author of “The Price You Pay for College”. In this episode of the Inside Admission Podcast, Ron talks about his college search that brought him to Amherst College, the importance of mentors, his thoughts on how and when you should search for a college, standardized test scores, and financial aid.

Inside Admission – Episode 3 – Jeff Selingo – Finding Colleges, Financial Aid, & Standardized Tests

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Jeff Selingo, journalist and author of Who Gets in and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions.
Jeff reflects on his year spent embedded in three admission offices prior to Covid and gives listeners his unique outsider’s “insider” take on admission.
The conversation covers finding a college, financial aid, and standardized tests. Jeff speaks to the concern many students and families have about what test-optional really means and also touches on his concept of “Buyers” (schools that offer a large amount of non-need based aid) and “Sellers” (those that don’t).

Inside Admission – Episode 2 – Marie Bigham – Transition to College, Transferring, & Admission Myths

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Marie Bigham, founder and executive director of ACCEPT about her college admissions search, transferring, and the transition to college. Marie and Andrew also spend some time debunking common misconceptions about college admissions in this episode.