About the Podcast

Why did you create the Inside Admission podcast?

In 2012, Palumbo started a now-defunct blog, The Admission Insider, with two goals: sharing his professional expertise and demystifying the admissions process. While he stopped blogging a couple years, he’s continued to find ways to share the knowledge and experience he has gained as an admissions leader in ways that help students, parents, and his colleagues who counsel students.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Palumbo penned a Washington Post open letter to high school juniors, encouraging them to focus on what they could control and try to ignore what they could not; he suggested that they prioritize their health & wellbeing and maintain connections with friends and family during such an isolating time.

Upon seeing how strongly this resonated with people engaged in the college search process, Palumbo sought other opportunities to help reduce the misinformation, stress, and anxiety around the college admissions process.

The Inside Admission podcast is the culmination of this goal. A decade ago, his blog sought to leverage his own knowledge and experience to help students. Now, he is leveraging his relationships with friends and colleagues across the admissions landscape to bring many unique perspectives to help educate those who choose to follow, listen, and watch the podcast.

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