Inside Admission – Episode 3 – Jeff Selingo – Finding Colleges, Financial Aid, & Standardized Tests

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Jeff Selingo, journalist and author of Who Gets in and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions.
Jeff reflects on his year spent embedded in three admission offices prior to Covid and gives listeners his unique outsider’s “insider” take on admission.
The conversation covers finding a college, financial aid, and standardized tests. Jeff speaks to the concern many students and families have about what test-optional really means and also touches on his concept of “Buyers” (schools that offer a large amount of non-need based aid) and “Sellers” (those that don’t).

Inside Admission – Episode 2 – Marie Bigham – Transition to College, Transferring, & Admission Myths

Host Andrew Palumbo sits down to talk with Marie Bigham, founder and executive director of ACCEPT about her college admissions search, transferring, and the transition to college. Marie and Andrew also spend some time debunking common misconceptions about college admissions in this episode.

Inside Admission – Episode 1 – Aaron Ray – The Transition to College

Higher education admissions and enrollment leader, Andrew Palumbo, hosts the pilot episode of the Inside Admission podcast, interviewing Aaron Ray, director of opportunity programs at Hamilton College in NY. This episode of Inside Admission focuses on advice for students and parents on the transition to college and how students can get acclimated to college socially and academically.